How to be Shopper Friendly:

point of view from a shopper.

1.) No spam and menus.

It’s annoying to teleport to a shop and receive spam and menus asking if I want your landmark. If I want your landmark I will grab it myself, I don’t need you to spam me with them while I’m trying to rez. If you’re worried about newer members try putting one of these near the entrance of your shop. 

2.) Clear landing zone.

Set your landing area near the entrance of the store. Do not clog this area up with spamming objects, menus, or too many scripted and animated items. Let your customers rez.

3.) Self opening shopping bags.

Whether it be a wearable shopping bag, present box, or other creative design it is very important to use unpacking or “click to unpack” scripts in your product boxes. This allows customers to open their newly bought items anywhere at anytime without having to teleport out or worry about finding a friendly sandbox. 

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4.) Blogs and groups.

Having a blog or group for new releases and events is very important. Customers want an easy way to keep up with your products. It’s recommended that you have both and probably easier for you if you use a Subscribe-O-Matic (which is free btw). Also try social websites like Flickr or create your own blog on websites likes blogspot, wordspress, onsugar or tumblr. 

5.) Permissions.

Please list your products permissions on the product image. A number of shops will color the available permissions green and the unavailable permissions red. Drawing a line though or putting an X over the unavailable permissions also helps. Use bright colors and black background behind the text so it is noticeable. Not having the product permissions stated boldly in a noticeable place could cause your customers to ask for refunds or not buy at all.